Snowy Monday morning and Unhappy Hipsters

Morning, y'all! (Wow, can't believe I just used "y'all" so breezily and without thought. I've been in the pseudo-South for too long...)

How was your weekend? I know it's another Monday morn - bleck - but at least this one is sunny and bright, thanks to the most recent dumping of snow in the Northeast (or semi-South, as we are here in MD). Can you believe we had another snow storm here? Mother Nature is really showing us what's up this winter. At least it'll be pretty for another day or two.

So, even though it's Monday, at least we have some things to be happy about. Besides our recent dusting of snow, it's also February now (can you believe it?), which means Valentine's Day, President's Day, my birthday and Annapolis Restaurant Week all in one month - what more could you want? :)

Let's continue to get this Monday morning started off on a fun note, shall we? If you haven't been to Unhappy Hipsters yet, go go go. It's hilarious. It's basically just a tumblr site of random photos, but the clever captions pertaining to our era's angsty hipsters puts it totally over the top into super funny territory.

Side note: Val, this so reminds me of your skinny-jeans-wearing, rocking-a-handkerchief-"for when I ride my bike" donning, messy-haired-by-night, high-paid-oil-exec-by-day boys in Phila! Doesn't it just scream them? And Sam/Jamie, living in Hampden, you should be able to relate. :)

Here's a recent posting:

"Maybe naming him Rimbaud wasn't such a good idea."
(Photo from Dwell, February 2009)

So, laugh at the unhappiness of hipsters here. Go now!

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