Once you pop, you can't stop

Are cake pops the new cupcakes?

Photo by Youkeun Oh Photography, as seen on Sandy a la Mode

You know how cupcakes were everywhere in 2009, replacing cookies, pastries and even wedding cakes as the dessert of choice for various parties? I'm sniffing a new trend in party patisseries and it's cake pops.

Cake pops by Bakerella

Cake pops as seen on Amy Atlas' blog for Town and Country Magazine, as photographed by Karl Juengel

They're pretty, not overly indulgent, easy to eat (bite-size and only one hand needed!), and probably pretty cost effective, I'm seeing these puppies popping up at kids' birthday parties (think about it - so much less messy for little hands!), baby showers, and on Amy Atlas-esque dessert tables all over the place.

Do you think cake pops will be the next big thing or just a flash in the pan dessert trend?

And in case you're interested in trying to make a batch of cake pops yourself, click on the following link for DIY instructions from the foremost professional cake pop-er, Bakerella (or from an at-home pop-er, Sandy a la Mode).

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  1. I still hate most cake. Regardless of what cute form it may come in.