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Emergency! Have you heard?!?! It's the snowpocalypse! They're predicting 24" for Maryland over the next few days, starting tomorrow at 10am. We're being advised to "shelter in place" tomorrow. Therefore, RUN - do not walk - to your nearest grocery store and buy the jumbo pack of TP, all the milk you can carry, copious canned goods, and maybe some chips...ASAP!

Can you tell I'm kidding?

I love that people are freaking out about this. Haven't we already gotten snow like 14 times already this winter? I'm pretty sure we'll all make it out alive. I might even go sledding tomorrow. Or have a snowy brunch:

Photo by Emerson of EmersonMade

Okay, just kidding, I won't be dining dans la neige anytime soon - I hate the cold - but I will be enjoying the snow day(s). Tomorrow morning I'm stocking up on firewood and bevs, and hopefully we'll have a nice, relaxing weekend at the homestead - and be able to make it out in time for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

At the very least, hopefully they'll close your workplaces midday and you'll all get to go home early for a slightly extended weekend. Woohoo! Hope you have a good snow day!

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