Say it with me: uh-nem-oh-nee (pretty anome flowers)

I didn't even know what anemones were (the flower, not the sea creature) until I saw this arrangement by florist Vale of Enna:

Aren't they beautiful? They remind me of poppies but wavier and more whimsical. I love how they're kind of spindly and wave their way up out of the moss. They're fanciful but still fun, and casual yet elegant enough for a wedding - a perfect combo in a flower.

These ones were flown in from Italy (not sure why the overseas trip?) and used for wedding centerpieces (note the bored looking waiters in the background of the second photo - ha). Has anyone seen them in their local flower shop or grocery store? I'll have to keep my eyes peeled once spring rolls around...

Arrangements by Vale of Enna, as seen on Truly Smitten.

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