Stood up by the snow and movie sequel anticipation

Well, the big 3-day snow never materialized (despite 50mph winds, I've yet to see a single flake of snow), so I'm left feeling a little stood up. Good thing Val broke some big news this morning to cheer me up a bit. Yup, that's right: Zoolander. Sequel.

What really, really, ridiculously good news - makes me want to go get an orange mocha frappuccino! (If you're not getting any of these references from the first movie, just skip this post now...)

So what has Derek Zoolander been up to for the past 10 years? Perhaps this?:

Image from MTV's Photoshoppers

And in case you need some cheering up too, here's a little something to leave you on a good note (or a ridiculous one). It's yours truly doing Derek Zoolander's signature pose, the "Blue Steel." Since we couldn't have a breakdance fight right here on sea*life*style, let's have a Blue-Steel-off. Ready, set, go:

I think mine needs some work... (and I need some self-tanner immediately!)


  1. HAHAHHA I love that AI pic. Genius.

    PS. Check out talkin' loco hahahaha.

  2. Lauren: please feel free to contribute Le Tigre to the mix - we'd love another entry in the "Blue-Steel-Off" (also see http://talkinloco.blogspot.com/2010/02/blue-steel-off.html)!