Just a spoonful of sugar

Brown sugar hearts from Cox and Cox, as seen on Greedy Girl

These sugar cubes are insanely adorable. They're made of brown sugar (obviously) and have a small cut-out section so that they fit perfectly on the rim of a cup. I'd love to perch one of these on a hot mug of chai latte, swirled with a foam heart, and bring it to B with breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day. Too bad that'll never happen, because A) I can never seem to wake up early enough to surprise him and B) I don't know how to make fancy swirly foam hearts like this:

Photo by Ryan Ho on flickr

Did you know there are entire sites dedicate to latte foam art? Huh.

Anyway, swirly foam art or no, I think these brown sugar hearts would be perfect for V-day, or for any occasion where you want to fancy up a cup. After-dinner drinks at a dinner party? Adorable. Adorning mugs of tea at a baby shower? Perfect. And if you're the really ambitious type, you could build some sort of intricate dessert made from chocolate and place this sugar heart on it as the crowning glory. But that's probably as likely as me waking up early to make breakfast in bed...


  1. Fabulous find - I want them!!!

  2. http://www.5min.com/Video/Latte-Art---How-to-Make-a-Heart-624970

    Can you tell I am bored at work today???

  3. Awesome - thanks for the link to the tutorial! Now if only I could figure out the waking up early bit...
    And I think everyone is bored at work today - I think we all have snow on the brain!

  4. Blue Bottle coffee here in SF has lattes that look like that. Soooooo cute! And tasty!

  5. Not all of us have snow on the brain....no snow in Maine. You hve a total of 30 incheas more for the year than we have here in the far north. I am jealous!