A week of holidays and belated love

Good morning! (Okay, afternoon - I'm running a bit late today - but it's a holiday sandwiched after a holiday!) Did you have a good Valentine's Day? I know it's come and gone, but I just wanted to send out one more V-Day wish to everyone and especially to my valentine, B.

Isn't this pretty and sweet for a valentine?

From pretty pretty paper

Though sometimes I wonder if B has to chant this to himself (especially when I'm having an ever-so-fun meltdown):

From Reform School Rules, as seen on Greedy Girl.

Happy belated Valentine's Day, all, and hope your Presidents Day is great so far! I promise to be back later with some more fun stuff, but I am running a bit late due to the holiday (and B being home, AKA lots of vegging), so it probably won't be until later today. Sorry for the wait!

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