One more V-Day post...

This is the last V-Day post for 2010, I swear!

Just thought I'd share the (semi)final product of what I ended up making for B for his V-Day sweet treat. I combined his favorite - carrot cake - and my desire to bake cupcakes and it turned out pretty well. The mini carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing were delicious, though my first-ever attempt at icing them using a pastry bag (it was a zip-lock baggie with the tip cut off, mind you, and not a real pastry bag) didn't go over as well. Here are the semi-sloppy preliminary results:

And the cover-up attempt with pearl decor and V-Day colored gumballs:

I only iced half of the cupcakes - evidently going the pastry bag route means using up much more icing than with the good ol' knife-icing method - so I am going to give this another shot once I have more icing in-hand (later today). Hopefully batch #2 will be a bit more pretty.

Being the boy that he is, though, B didn't care about the aesthetic appeal and was excited just to dig into them. We each enjoyed one for brunch yesterday, so overall the experiment was a success. Thanks for the suggestions and happy (now over) V-Day!