Brains perform best when they're hydrated

Happy Friday! Uber-extreme blizzard warnings for today aside, I thought I'd try to help get your Friday started off on a good note. Believe me when I say that if you watch this video, it will get make you chortle at least a bit - seriously, trust me on this one.

*Two small disclaimers: 1) If you're afraid of ventriloquist dummies, do not watch this (clowns freak me out, but I'm mostly okay with dummies). 2) There is music with this video, so plug in your headphones or turn down the volume if you're at work. Otherwise, enjoy!

Seriously, this is an oversize marionette dancing to cheesy early 90s music. What is not to love about this ad? And an ad for water, no less. Kudos, ad peeps, kudos.

Found here.

P.S. Skip to 1:06-1:14 in the video if you don't have time to watch the whole thing (come on though - it's only a minute!) but can spare a second or two to see sheer awesomeness.

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