Olive you will want this olive oil dipping dish

I bought this olive oil dipping dish from a local pottery store a few years ago for a friend and thought it was a wonderful gift (I hope the recipient did too!). The ever-fun blog greedy girl featured it last week and reminded me how much I liked this gift/home good. Sadly, the vendor provided for this on greedy girl, Cox & Cox, doesn't have them available again until March, but the website for the designer, Mary Judge Designs, has several links for where to buy the dishes, both in person and online, so hopefully that could serve as a resource.

I love that these little dipping dishes are simple and pretty on their own, but when filled - when you can see a series of concentric rings of lovely greens in descending tones (due to the depth of the oil in the dish) - they become even more artful. The below picture shows the variation in color a bit more deeply:

Paired with some crusty bread and a good bottle of olive oil, wouldn't this olive oil dipping dish make an awesome hostess gift? A little piece of Italy right at your friend's door...


  1. I am obsessed with these. Just sayin'.

  2. They sell these mammers at Annapolis Pottery on State Circle! I bought on for the pseudo in-laws a while back. It's difficult to pass around the table, thus, I decided that everyone should have his or her own.

  3. I bought one there too a long time ago. Sadly though, when I went in two weeks ago, they didn't have any! Hopefully they'll get them back in soon - they really do make a nice gift. (And I agree, they're not really for passing. But you wouldn't normally pass an olive oil dish anyway.)