Groundhog Day gets wintry

I completely forgot that today - February 2nd - is Groundhog Day. Happy Groundhog Day to you!

Don't you kind of miss elementary school, where we celebrated every holiday and got to do a special project for each one? I remember February always seemed jam-packed with special activities, since it held Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, and Presidents Day (and my birthday!). I miss being instructed to do crafts on a weekly basis!

Anyway - lucky us - this morning at sunrise, Punxsatawney Phil prognosticated that winter will be for six more weeks. Ugh. But that was really no big surprise anyway, right?

Hope your February is going well so far. Bundle up and enjoy our (at least) six more weeks of hibernation! (And tonight's premiere of Lost!!!)


  1. Call me a sour puss, but I have grown to hate this day. It lost its magic, oh, about 20 years ago. I mean, are we really basing our weather prediction on a groundhog that we force out of a hole? only to be greeted by swarming press? Of course he's gonna "see his shadow" and run back down into his hole. He's probably scared shitless. The movie, however, is still excellent. ;)

  2. I completely agree on your latter point - almost 20 years later, the movie Groundhog Day is still awesome! Gotta love Bill Murray.