Amazing birthday weekend

I'm late in posting today. I have no excuses. All I can say is that I'm still recuperating from a busy, busy, super-fun weekend of birthday activities. From photo booths to free pretzels, mani-pedis to a ladies lunch, and an awesome surprise party, I had the best time celebrating with my favorite people.

I'll be back tomorrow with regular posting, but in the meantime, I'll leave you with these two shots from Saturday night:

How can a girl be anything but happy with amazing friends like this?:

Thank you, Kim, Sara, Val (and Sarah, who sadly is not in this photo) for an awesome girls day surprise. That's me, grinning like a lunatic, second from the right.

And of course, the biggest thanks go to my lovely B for an amazing four-day celebration of me becoming old:

I love you, babe.

Both photos taken by Eric Reinhardt, our photographer extraordinaire Saturday night.

Thanks to all of you for coming Saturday night!

Be back tomorrow, hopefully with a clean house, a refreshed liver and ready to roll with new posts for the week!

xo, r.

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