"Chalk" full of fun and my favorite lights

Photo from Kelly McCaleb's tumblr

Everything about this room makes me happy: the light streaming in from all sides, the gorgeous hardwood floors, the clean white chairs against the rustic farmhouse table, the minimalist but just-right decor. Beyond all that, this photo originally caught my eye because of the great chalkboard wall: I've seen chalkboard paint done a lot of ways, but for some reason this wall seems the nicest of them all (and that lil' munchkin drawing on it only adds to the cuteness factor!). But most of all, I love the pendant lamps hanging in both rooms shown in this photo. Clean, crisp, and classic, they fit in so perfectly in this space. I'm not complaining about the hugely high ceilings we have in our house, but if they weren't so soaring (and we weren't renting), I'd definitely want to put in a pendant shade like these.

(Note to you, my peeps: Sorry for all the house posts lately - I think being homebound for so long due to all this snow has left me with interiors on the brain! I'll do my best to keep things varied around here though...)


  1. So when are you giving up the marketing/advertising/business career and becoming an interior decorator?

  2. I knew I liked you! ;) Very sweet. Thanks for all the comments!