A love letter to tights

Now that spring is coming, bare legs will be back. I'm going to miss my fall and winter tights. :(

Photo by Ellen von Unwerth, as seen on dress design decor

Photo by Corrie Bond, as seen on delight by design

When I was a kid, I thought of tights as scratchy, confining tubes of death...maybe because they came out of a plastic L'egg. Last year I recently rediscovered tights and my world changed. Skirts all year round? No problem! No worries of cottage cheese peeking out? Hurray! Not receiving comments about my palest-legs-ever? Bonus!

Don't get me wrong - spring is my favorite and I love a good short - but I am going to mourn my season of not worrying about self-tanner, shaving or cellulite.

Goodbye, tights, it was great while it lasted. See you next fall.

(Who am I kidding? Winter will be here for another two months. I wore tights and a skirt on Saturday. I still have plenty of time. But I keep seeing catalogs with bare-legged girls in Milan. Damn you, J. Crew!)

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