"Hey Mom, Livie's on the internets!"

I read Style Me Pretty every day, even though it's a wedding blog. I'm obviously not planning for a wedding, but founder and editor Abby is one of the more well-known bloggers out there (she partnered with Google on their Google Docs Wedding Templates, for goodness sake) and some of the wedding ideas shown on SMP are pretty translatable for parties in general (not to mention the large helping of overall girlie eye candy on the side).

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I came across this gorgeous California vineyard/farm/lavender field wedding:

This wedding was my god-sister's (I know "god-sister" isn't really a thing per se, but we grew up with her family and her mom is my brother's god-mother, so how else do you say "someone who is almost family"?) and took place in June 2009. I couldn't make it out to CA for the event, but my mom and dad were there. As you can see from the above photo, the ceremony took place in a lavender field; my mom said it smelled amazing. It looks like the entire shindig was pretty incredible. And didn't Livia (the bride) look beautiful?:

Glad to see that all the hard work Livie and Sylma (her mom) put into the wedding came across....and look ma, Livie's famous! :)

If you want to see more pics, read up on the details of the day, or find the full list of vendors, it's all included in the post on Style Me Pretty. Photos by Anna Kuperberg.

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  1. Wow - that's our girl, Livie!!! and yes, she does look beautiful!!!