Champion factor: wheatgrass and trophies

Remember Jaimee Rose, "girl reporter" for The Arizona Republic (not a condescending moniker, but an homage to Lois Lane) and all-around styling gal-about-town (though a very far, far away town from here)? I posted about the beautifully blue bridal shower she put on a while back, and included some of the adorable pumpkins she carved for Halloween back in the fall. Well, Ms. Rose has put together yet another lovely project and this time it's cheap, cheap, cheap and easy as can be.

Jaimee took a $1 hunk of wheatgrass, bought from her local farmers market, comme ça:

And inserted the greenery into vintage trophies. Et voilà:

Brilliant, no?

This makes me want to run out and buy vintage trophies to use throughout my house immediately. Love it!

Also, if you can find cool vintage trophies for cheap enough, this would be a great hostess gift - especially if you could find a trophy for something pertaining to the person's interests. Croquet match winner from 1946? I'll take it! This wheatgrass and trophy idea is such a winning combination! [And yes, I meant to use that hideous pun.] :)

Both photos by Jaimee Rose. You can read her full, original post here. Thanks for the great idea and continued inspiration, JR!

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