Thanks! (And butterflies abound / thinking of spring)

Thank you all for the birthday wishes via text, email, e-card and phone calls yesterday (my cell was buzzing all day long!). I can't wait to see some of you at my surprise party this Saturday. Oops, scratch that; I'm not supposed to know about that. ;)

I had a lovely day yesterday, thanks to my ever-lovely boyfriend B. I hope he reads this, despite the pictures looking "girly" (in which case he usually skims those posts). (It's okay, I understand, boyfriend.) :)

The bouquet above said "happy day" and "thank you" to me for some reason, but I suppose it's also very much a spring thing. With all the snow we've had, spring seems eons away so I'm not allowing myself to even think of it, but here's another spring-y, butterfly-y item to add a little happy eye candy to your day:

Pretty, no?

Bouquet from Martha Stewart Weddings; cake as seen on Style Me Pretty.

And while we're on the subject (I can't believe I'm letting myself think about spring - it'll be ages until we see/feel it!), this photo is just so cheery!:

Photo from Selina Lake via decor8

It makes me want to go out and buy a bright new umbrella for April's showers. (I'm all taken care of on the beautiful blooms front for now - my aunt sent gorgeous flowers for my birthday - woohoo! Thanks, AR!)

How about you? Have you tired of all this snow and started to think of sunny days? Are you ready to stop rocking turtlenecks and boots, and to break out the tanks and flops? I so am.

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  1. I bought a super summery, flower-printed sundress the other day just to remind myself that this horrible dirty snow won't be on the ground forever! It seems so far away, but March is in only 12 days!!!