Sweet treats (or not?) for my sweet on Valentine's Day

I was thinking of making B something special for Valentine's Day. And B is very much a dude in that the way to his heart is through his stomach. So what to make him, I thought?

I came across these adorable cucpake wrappers and thought they'd be perfect:

Cupcake wrappers from Bake It Pretty, as seen on Party Perfect - wouldn't these be awesome for a kids birthday party or baby shower?

I was even going to make them with red or pink icing, and maybe some love-y sprinkles. Then I remembered B doesn't really like cupcakes.

Fine. Perhaps these beauties?:

Whoopie pie pan and mix set from Williams-Sonoma

Even though these would be handmade and smooshed with creamy icing (yum, and I could even tint that pink if I wanted to be ambitious!), I don't think he's into whoopie pies that much either. I guess B really isn't a sweets kind of guy. Maybe I'll just buy him some chips...

Any suggestions for a non-pastry or non-baked goods food idea for my lovah on Vday?

Update: Sweet! It just occurred to me that B loves his mom's carrot cake. I'll have to hit her up for the recipe (slash go out and buy a box of mix). Too bad carrot cake is neither Valentine's Day-ish or romantic. At least it'll be good for our eyes! (You know, because of the beta carotene...)

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  1. You can make carrot cake cupcakes...with yum cream cheese frosting.