Suits you to a T

Announcement: t-shirt quilts are so last decade. So what are you supposed to do with your favorite t-shirt that has seen better days (and that your girlfriend has banned you from wearing in public...ahem), but that you just can't part with? Here's a new idea:

Hello Rewind can take your beloved old t-shirt and turn it into a 13" or 15" laptop sleeve to protect your more recent favorite item. They're not the most sleek laptop cases I've ever seen, but they definitely win points for nostalgia and green usage. Also, Hello Rewind was created as a social enterprise which supports sex trafficking survivors in NYC. So you won't only be saving your old tee, but actual people - a noble cause. I love the whole concept...and the possible chance to give some of my old tees a new life, or to do so for someone else. Great gift idea too.

Originally seen on Swiss Miss.

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  1. I love when an originally selfish idea turns out not to be selfish at all! :)