A sky full of colorful umbrellas

Installation by Ingo Maurer, photograph by Jesús Manuel Nieto Bobadilla, as found on Oh Brooke

I think I've become used to the bright sunny days we've been having as a result of the light bouncing off all the mounds of snow, because in comparison, today feels kind of gray. Thankfully, I came across this umbrella-laden photo and its cheery colors and composition are really brightening my afternoon.

The best part of this pic is that it's available to download - for free. Aren't the colors pretty? Wouldn't it be great in a kids' room? Or a bathroom? Or entryway? Anywhere, really. It's so fun and ethereal.

You can get it here, at 11x14 size, or you can download an edited version of the image (which is available bigger - and still free!) from Oh Brooke (who framed and matted it for her baby's room).

Print this baby out on your color printer and pop it in an Ikea frame and you have great, cheery art on the cheap. And who doesn't love almost-free art?

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