As seen on Mary Ruffle


And here are two little sea-worthy things I saw and liked recently, especially since they're nautical without being too over the top (as in a giant plastic crab, crappy ship replica or mound of buoys on your wall):

Saipua's ubiquitous go-to-hostess-gift: seaweed soap - made with nori seaweed, crushed sea salt, and rosemary - with the prettiest packaging to boot.

This chair is wicked good. Love how the knot totally makes what is an otherwise classic (and slightly boring?) chair into something so good. 214K chair by Thonet, as seen on Oh Joy.


  1. oh, a belated "happy birthday!" from me, too.

    i'm thinking of printing and framing that sea-port page. so true!

    saipua always makes me smile, being finnish. there is actually another 'p' in the word so it sounds so silly (in a cute way) to me. i want that whale soap so badly! and a seaside villa with a big bathtub... i mean, why dream small... claws and all..

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Sylvi!

    Re: "saipua soap" (with one "p") - what does "saippua" (with two "p"s) mean in Finnish? So interesting!

    Also, I'll take the villa any day - bathtub or no! - sounds amazing! :)