Valentine's Roundup: DIY treats

"Happy Valentine's Day" banner by Kristin Rees of Blonde Designs

Good morning, happy Friday, and happy almost Valentine's Day! Since today is the second-to-last day to pull together any V-day surprises you might be planning, I thought I'd share some of the cuter Valentines I've seen around the interwebs in case you're inspired to do some last-minute crafting.

I already posted about what I'm planning to bake B for this holiday, so I thought I'd focus on actual Valentine's notes here - not baked goods, not prezzies, but the actual cards - though some have a little sussy attached. And I realize that a lot of these will be best suited for kids (to give to friends, to family or to bring to school), but I thought all of them were cute enough that they'd appeal to anyone. And, hey, they've got to be better than the sappy store-bought offerings you've resorted to buying in 11th hour desperation (or the cheesy/silly 'N Sync cards I gave out several years ago). ;)

First up is a brilliant and easy idea. Snap a pick of your kid (or yourself) making a fist, print out the photo, cut a slit in it, insert a lollipop, et voila!:

Top photo from Design Mom; second photo from Five Under Five; third photo from 24-7-365, the project originator

Here's another twist on the lollipop idea, and it fits right in with the moustache trend that seems to be everywhere right now:

I shouldn't be surprised that these moustache and lips Valentines are so awesome; they were made by Angie Gubler of Blonde Designs, a Martha Stewart Omnimedia alum (jealous!).

I think this next project would appeal to slightly older kids - but I still like them too! The ever-creative Design Mom made these "wild" Valentines two ways: on the card, attached with string, and sewed up in a little cellophane bag. Overachiever! :)

Also, why do all of these creative people's children look like models? Isn't this little girl (different from the other blondie above) adorable? I love the handmade felt heart headband too:

Her mom Katiedid made both the headband shown in the first two photos of the group above, as well as little bracelets (directly above) and packaged them on hand-addressed cards (shown directly above) to give to family and friends.

Last, I do have a grown-up offering to show you. Benign Objects created these DIY matchbooks of coupons; you can download the templates from her Etsy store and then put them together yourself - they'd be perfect to give to your love:

I will take one coupon for the foot massage, please.

Aren't these adorable Valentine's Day projects? It might be a bit late to do them this year, being that V-day is approaching quickly, but I'm filing these ideas away for future years for sure. If you decide to make any of these (or just something cool of your own), please send pics - I'd love to see! Happy crafting!


  1. Ob-sessed with the lollipop ones!!

  2. I ADORE the pictures with the fists...how ingenious is that? and the animal print cards avec animals - awesome!! I will tuck those ideas away for future valentines (grandkids?)!!