Gift from the Sea

While it may sound like I'm referring to the classic Anne Morrow Lindbergh book of the same name, I actually mean this gorgeous little sea urchin box:

Available through Tuvalu, as originally seen on A Room Somewhere.

This would be such a beautiful gift for someone. Many of the things on the Tuvalu site are quite pricey, but this box actually comes in at only $32 - not too shabby for something so delicate and pretty. The only thing that got me was this description:

"This jar was hand made out of an antique bottle, carefully welded in copper with coral from the sea. A magnificent art piece for anyone who admires the ocean. Dimensions: up to 16" (may vary slightly)"

What?! "Up to 16 inches - may vary" is pretty vague. First of all, 16 inches is pretty large no matter how you slice it, but "may vary slightly" leads me to question how big or small this thing might be. I honestly thought, from looking at the photo, that we'd be talking about a box that is four inches or so across, not a foot and a half! Could that be possible that it's so honkin' big?

Next time I'm visiting a friend who has a 10-person dining room table with no centerpiece or decor for it, I know exactly what to get. Harumpf, I was going to say it'd be such a pretty jewelry box, but at the true size, that would be pretty extreme. Regardless, since it's so sea-ish and and stylish, how could I not share it here, on sea*life*style, after all? ;)

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