Lucky girl

I got a ghost chair for my birthday! I am in love - this thing is hot.

In case you doubt its awesomeness based on the photo above alone, here are some examples of its loveliness in action:

This photo featured on Full House blog (sorry, it didn't have an original photo credit) shows how awesome it is as a desk chair.

High-Heeled Foot in the Door showed a slightly more girly desk area (but still awesome nonetheless).

And Mlle Frou Frou's desk area is probably the ultimate mother lode of girlieness, but isn't it pretty?

Here - this House Beautiful room shown on The City Sage is much more simple, clean-lined and masculine(ish).

On a Brooklyn Limestone, the office is a little more adventurous with bright color and zebra print - that's why a clear chair is so clutch (to remain calm in an exciting room).

In case you thought the ghost chair was a one-trick pony (as a desk chair), it can do anything. Here it is as a dining chair:

From Jen Altman's house on Design*Sponge.

And for my final example, a lovely eat-in kitchen area:

This is also from Full House (with no original photo cred - sorry).

Now do you see why I'm so excited? Thanks, Mom and Auntie Ruth, for the incredible gift! Plus B got us tickets to the sold-out Vampire Weekend show for April (yay!) and there are supposedly more surprises to come on Saturday. I am a lucky girl.


  1. Yah for Ghost Chair, I am pretty sure Andrea would love to rock this Chair in her "Get Pretty" area. I might even rock it in my "Get Smart" area.

  2. Hello, Erik. I knew you'd find this secret blog eventually. :) This chair would look great in your place - it's pretty swank, isn't it? :)