Snowy weekend in Annapolis

Good morning! Did you have a good weekend? What's that? You got some snow? A blizzard you say?

Oh riiiight, it snowed in DC and Maryland this weekend.

A ton. Truckloads. As high as the rear bumper of my car. More than we've had since 2003. And really, really fun.

Saturday we bundled up in about 219 layers of gear and headed over to our friends' place where we all played in the snow like seven-year-olds. There may have been some "bumper skiing" going on too:

(This involves either holding on to the bumper of a Jeep or the rope that is tied to the back and then coasting over the snow on your shoes, no actual skis required. It results in slipping, sliding and generally debauchery. And fun. This photo was taken from inside the back of the Jeep.)

Today B and I spent all day by the fireplace, reading, watching football and warming up again. I've since come down with a lame cold ("skiing" in the snow anyone?) that I'm trying to banish as quickly as possible and before Christmas, but otherwise it was a fun weekend and made me even more excited for the upcoming holiday week. Only three days to go (if you even have work at all due to the snow).

Top photo from The Rockstar Diaries. See more of Naomi's beautiful snow day pictures here.
Bottom photo from a bunch of idiots I went to college with (whom we call good friends). :)

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