Oh. No. (alternately titled "Cadbury Mini Eggs are back")

You know those sinfully addictive, crack-like candies that come out once a year only? Yep, I'm talking about Cadbury Mini Eggs. Once I see that purple bag in the grocery store, my heart begins beating faster and I know I'm in trouble. The one redemption about this is that they only sell them at Easter time and not during the rest of the year.

Oops, not any more. I guess Cadbury figured out how obsessed people were with these habit-forming candies and figured they could get more mileage out of them. I was in Target last week and found these:

A Christmas-colored version of the infamous Mini Eggs. Great, thanks Cadbury. My thighs are not happy. (But I am!!) :)

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  1. Its genetic. You and me and Cadbury eggs! I didnt know they were for winter holidays....am on the hunt after work! Bye Bye diet.