Here's looking at you, kid(s)

Photo seen on Truly Smitten

I've had some "interesting" topics on here as of late: from Martha to Snoop Dogg, BMWs to dance, Chick-fil-A to cake (and several takes on water - here are the most recent two: 1 & 2), even holiday gift ideas for all the people in your life to just the science nerds.

I started this blog with one direction in mind, but now I'm not sure if these new posts have me veering off into strange waters. So, dear readers, I'd love to hear from you about this.

I know you're all super busy with work, life, preparing for the holidays, and hopefully enjoying some merriment, but in an effort to get some info from those of you stopping by, could you take a moment to leave a comment and share your thoughts?

I'd love to know who you are and what you'd like to see here on sea*life*style. Is it trends and fashion-focused posts? Stuff for the home? Silly things like grammar correction labels or how to properly load toilet paper? Or do you want baby gift ideas and green cleaning product recommendations? Do you hate it all and wish I'd only post on the comings and goings of Justin Timberlake? Or are you happy with whatever it is, as long as it gives you a five-minute break from work? Are you 15, 25, 30 or 60? Are you a man, woman, puppy or other? Do you read daily or stop by every few weeks? Or, is this your first time here? (If so, welcome!)

Please, please, pretty please share some of your thoughts with me. I would so love to hear from you.

And thank you all - for reading, for commenting, for stopping by!

xoxo, r.


  1. Hi, I found your site from doing a search for gray nail polish. I've been back a few times since then and reaslly like it. I liked your post about the gold leggings and the other clothes things.

  2. Hi Rach, I like your blog. It is eclectic, and I find it interesting, random, and visually appealing. Graphically, it is a homerun. It is a lot like you: neat, clean, intelligent, and quirky.

  3. Well, many reasons I love reading your blog. First, its a neat way to start my workday before I start dealing with the usual drudgery, none of which is as fun or elegant or cool as what I can see and daydream about on your blog. Second, I love seeing what you are thinking about and what catches your eye and brain! (Its the proud Aunt in me...) And third, what great ideas about design, food, gifts, etce etc! WHere else could I get all that in one cool site. I love reading it.

  4. First of all, I love your blog! It is a great escape for me from my mundane work days. My favorite posts are about gift ideas, entertaining ideas, and home decor/design. I recently got my inspiration for decorating my nursery from one of your blog posts. I also enjoy posts about interesting events and happenings around town/around the world and I love some celebrity gossip. Keep up the good work!

  5. I really like the eclectic posts, and I love the images you find! It is nice to catch a breath of creativity from your blog during my work day. Thank you!

  6. this is my first stop-by (via neither snow i believe) so thank you kindly for the welcome. i really like finding the unexpected while blog-browsing, so i'd say ahoy to the strange waters. i don't want to know exactly what i'm going to get each time i read a post.

    what's funny is, like the first commenter, i'm also looking for gray nail polish (not online but in general - unsuccesfully). is that a thing right now? are we on to something? or did the wave pass already...

  7. Hi Sylvi - welcome! Thank you so much for leaving a comment and hope you like the blog.

    Re: gray nail polish, I am totally loving it right now. Guess it is a trend, but it also seems so right for the winter, don't you think? It's been really hard to find, but I've heard from people who got some at Bed, Bath and Beyond (unexpectedly) and Ulta, the beauty supply store. Hope that helps a bit!

    p.s. My mom bought me a bottle of OPI's Moon Over Mumbai - which seems like it would be perfect, but it was really pale and barely gray, even after two coats. I'd try Essi's gray (the one my friend got at BB&B) - it was great! Good luck hunting and come back again soon!