That's my croquembouche, part deux

I can't believe I just posted about Snoop Dogg and now I'm talking about Martha Stewart and croquembouche. Ah well, 'tis the life of a style blogger I suppose... ;)

Remember how I posted about croquembouche a while ago? I couldn't find any great photos back then, but I had found a great idea for making an easier version. Instead of making choux from scratch as in the traditional version, I was going to use donut holes. Good, right?

Well, I haven't done it yet, but I did come across this photo of Martha's latest croquembouche in the December issue of her magazine.

Image from Martha Stewart Living

I love this mini version of the croquembouche (instead of the normally huge and opulent tower), as well as the simple white stars - so festive for the holidays and it looks so yummy!

Of course Martha's recipe calls for making it all from scratch, but you could easily do donut holes here with the star cookies. Mmm!

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