Happy birthday, Cov!

I wanted to break from our regularly scheduled blog-posts-about-nothing to wish L. Covington Smith Campbell (the turquoise UnderArmour-clad quarter-flipper in the photo above) a very happy birthday today. Cov, I hope that you have the greatest of birthdays today and an even better year. We've traveled the world together, from archaeological digs in Israel to New Zealand and Fiji; braved the bars of College Park, both using the same ID (yours); rushed, quit rushing, joined and un-joined sororities; kept in touch over years on the sea and various parts of land; and now you're married, a lawyer and a mother. I'm so impressed by you, oh fluent-in-two-dead-languages friend!

And as the photo above (from approximately two thousand years ago) shows, you were always destined to become a hot cougar! Lovely tigress o' Siegfried and Roy costume, by the way.

So dear Cov, happy happy Birthday! You smell like a sailor, and you look like one too (minus a really nice pair of Maui Jims...). Enjoy your foray into your 30s! Cheers and love, xoxo -r.

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