Rough night.

This evening was not the best. The driver's side window (the one right next to my face) on my car decided to take a little vacation to deep within the depths of the door chasm, so I had to drive home in freezing-cold weather with no window - did I mention this happened while out doing some holiday shopping/errands? Now it's got the ever-so-classy trash-bag-over-the-window-hole look going on until I can get to the dealership tomorrow morning to get it fixed.

Then, while B and I were standing in said freezing-cold air trying to coax the window out (unsuccessfully, despite B removing the entire door panel), our landlord called to say he's raising out rent in 2010. Awesome.

But, hopefully I'll get the window fixed tomorrow without too much of an issue (and too many greenbacks!) and we'll deal with the rent thing...or move. Ugh.

Anyway, if the world wants to be a jerk to me right now, here's what I have to say:
Haters gonna hate
As in, leave me alone, don't hate - love that jolly fat guy above! :) - and let's hope the holiday gets here soon (and without further incident)!

Animation originally found on quite cheeky.

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