Just a spoonful of...hot chocolate?

The microscope. The telescope. The CD. Australia. What will those fun Netherlanders think of next?

Funny you should ask. It's Hotchocspoon! Yep, it's a spoon submerged in a mould of solidified chocolate - chocolates in 46 varying flavor combinations from Brownie Walnut Bourbon Vanilla to Strawberry & Pink Pepper to the classic Praline & Nougat - which you stir into hot milk. The end result is "homemade" hot chocolate, old-school style (but with much more modern panache and no standing over a hot stove). Say it with me: Mmmmmm.

These seem like a perfect hostess gift or holiday stocking stuffer to me. And, they now have varieties with alcohol included, so they could be a nice wintry evening nip too. The Hotchocspoons retail in Europe at this point only, but you can get them online here. So get ready to stir it up. (Oooh, baaaad Bob Marley reference. Sorry.)

Found on Simplesong.

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