Pumpkin pie calamity

Photo from Country Living

Last night I baked a pie. Pumpkin pie. B's favorite.

I made him a pumpkin pie last week as well; it came our perfectly. Last night, I baked this second pie to finish off the extra pumpkin I had left; this pie came out horribly.

Baking is such an exact science. With cooking, I feel like you can throw things together and, as long as you have a good palette and balance of flavor, it'll come out generally okay. With baking, though, it's so precise. Measuring, timing, etc. Generally I'm good at that sort of thing since - let's be honest here - I'm the epitome of Type A, but last night's pie was a failure with a capital F. What happened, I wonder?

Editor's Note: Upon further inspection, it seems last night's baking debacle could be due to the condensed milk can being marked as "sell by March 2006." Oops. So it wasn't supposed to come out as some oily fluid and then glops of gelatenous matter? Aha. I see.

Perhaps my pantry needs some updating...

Maybe we'll just forget about this second pie entirely and instead think only of that perfect pie from last week. Whoops....

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