Bottle it up: Tap Water bottles

I've written about my quest for the perfect water bottle before - from lovely Crate and Barrel glass bottles for at-home use (but maybe not so good for out and about), to plastic Sigg bottles gone wrong, to a special-edition Evian bottle that I'd want to reuse (but alas had no reusable cap) - but I think I might have just found the perfect glass bottle.

Toronto designer Racquel Youtzy came up with the Tap Water bottle that holds just what it says: tap water. I'd use water from our Brita filter, but hey, it's just filtered tap water, so it'd work, right?

I love the message printed on each bottle:

"About that fancy bottled water that came from France... it’s pretty much the same thing that comes out of your tap when you wash your hands after peeing, only with less minerals. Minerals your body needs. The major difference? That French stuff came here on a boat. A boat that didn’t need to travel thousands of miles to bring you french tap water in a plastic bottle that will end up in a landfill that does need any more plastic bottles. Not so fancy."

Sara, this screams your name. I know you're a tap water girl and that you want a glass water bottle. If we hadn't already staunchly deemed this year a "recession holiday," I'd so buy you one of these for your birthday and/or holiday gift! Silver lining: at only $10 or $12 (Canadian dollars - that's about $9.45 or $11.35 USD) for the small and large sizes, respectively, I know you'll be able to snap one up on your own! You can buy them here. Cute, practical, and green. Cool, huh?

All images from Tap WaterTM, as seen on The Dieline

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  1. These are absolutely the answer to all of my tap water needs!!!! They should package them with a bottle cleaning wand thingy.