Up and running...and eating

I'm baaa-aaack! My once-state-of-the-art laptop is still on shaky legs, but at least at this point it's functioning. A big thanks to B, the lovely boyf, for his technical advising, and to Google Chrome for not making the internets crash 12 times in a row like Firefox does to me. Whew.

So let's get back to it, shall we?


I've posted this print before, but I love it and it works for this post (bear with me):

Poster by Erin Jang, as seen on happy lady eats

Last night we celebrated Hanukkah with my family. It was great - the gifts, the latkes, all fab. But the best part (Mom, don't kill me, I loved the gifts and food and company...) was that my mom surprised us with the best dessert ever. Let me say that again because it's a huge utterance coming from me (oh queen of the sweet tooth): Best. Dessert. Ever.

Also let me preface this by saying the B wasn't really into it. But he is a salty/savory guy and not really into dessert.

Last (I promise the punchline is coming soon - stay with me!), even though I'm a huge sweets/dessert person, I'm not really into cake or baked goods that much and I do not like pie at all. (Insert shocked sounds of betrayal here.)

My mom knows how I feel about cake and pie, so for dessert she bought these:

(I did the all-caps type on purpose. Like I was screaming. Because I screamed when I saw them. For real.)

These ice cream cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery were ridiculous. They're rich, so I'd recommend splitting them as we did, and they're best eaten with a fork instead of trying to pick them up. They have just enough cake at the bottom so that you baked-goods loving folks get your taste of cake, plus the ice cream flavors (sweet cream, cake batter, chocolate) are amazing.


And just for the record, if I ever get married, I'm skipping the wedding cake and doing individual ice cream cakes (or cupcakes like this, now that I know they exist!) for each guest. B, stop fainting.

Thanks for the great treat, Mom!

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