Read this: "irony creepers"

Photo from unknown source. Anyone?

This post is brills.

(And please note that the use of "brills" was ironic because the post in question is all about "irony creepers" - or annoying phrases that you used to say jokingly but then creep in to your actual vocabulary at some point. Like "fo sho" and "totes magotes." Maybe even "fo shizzy" if you're a real douchebag. "Fro-yo" is a certainty, as are "outie 3000" and "later skater" (ugh, what am I, 12??).

It's so true though! And the genius Daddy Likey has translated this phenomenon to fashion irony creepers. Love.

Got any irony creeper phrases you'd like to share? I'm always in need of more inappropriately juvenile slang terms and/or obnoxious shortening of words to add to my everyday cacophony of verbiage.

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