Cake boxes: Pretty. Smart.

With all the holiday parties and plethora of get-togethers this time of year, leftovers are inevitable, as is the need to decorate a table. I love this idea, which I found today on Amy Atlas' blog, Sweet Designs.

Aren't these Party Starters cake boxes super cute? Now if you have friends over to your house and want to share the leftover dessert, you have an easy way to sent them home with some cake.

I also love that each of these boxes can be put together to make a cute cake centerpiece:

For a child's birthday party, you could fill each single box with little favors (bouncy balls, gum, whatever) and let each child take one home as a party favor. Decor and favors all in one!

You can buy plain boxes to decorate yourself, or pick from holiday and themed boxes, or even custom orders; all are available on the Party Starters site or via their Etsy shop.

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