Measuring type

I'm even more green than I thought. It turns out that my default font choice - Garamond - uses the least ink out of these six commonly used typefaces:

Matt Robinson drew out large-scale renditions of these typefaces with ballpoint pens (see top photo) and then compared the remaining ink (above) to determine the "ink efficiency" of each font. Garamond wins! (And it's pretty.) Who knew Times New Roman was so wasteful?

Originally seen on Swiss Miss (she finds the best stuff!) :)


  1. Check out Ecofont at http://www.ecofont.eu/ecofont_en.html.

    You can download it for free and use it in Word. It has tiny little holes that are invisible at normal print sizes-- the absence of ink in the holes saves 20%!

  2. Hi Anonymous (and feel free to leave names, everyone!).

    Thanks for the cool link. I will definitely download it - anything to be a little more green and save some money, especially if you can't even tell the tiny holes are there.

    Great tip!

    xo, r.