For The Little Mermaid (alternately titled "Happy birthday, Cov - part deux")

Covi wants to see a mermaid for her birthday. Well Cov, if it's a mermaid you want, a mermaid you shall see. Several, actually. Here are my favorite mermaid items, all in tribute to you, lady of the sea:

Lovely mermaid bottle opener

Plush terry cloth mermaid tail towel from Kathe Kruse

Edmund Dulac's The Little Mermaid

And if you want Dulac's painting on a shoe, Zazzle's got your back

Isn't this graphic mermaid on a matchbook pretty?

And finally, my absolute favorite. Cov, if I could, I would snag this mermaid cuff bracelet for you in a second. It would look pretty on you. (Mermaid on mermaid action. Ewwwww.....)

Happy birthday, Cov!

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