Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

Did anyone (other than me and all the 13-year-old girls in the country) watch So You Think You Can Dance last night? I usually think the results shows are far too laden with fillers - Sean Kingston horribly lip-syncing or Shakira looking awkward as she tries to dance better than the contestants - but last night's "time-killer" performance was awesome!

It was the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD), who performed to a classical music version of Yellow (originally from Coldplay, but here it was by the Vitamin String Quartet). It was crazy to see hip-hop, breakdance, krump and martial arts fused with contemporary, lyrical and classical influences, and all of the movement was choreographed with the music beautifully.

If you didn't get to check it out last night, here's the video:

This performance was a preview for a movie coming out in 2010, and if it's as good as the performance, I'm really excited. I love that dance is becoming so mainstream now!

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