Fits to a(n NY)T

The flawless living room above was featured in the "On the Cheap" section of the New York Times last week. I die for the removable stripes on the dining room area wall, plus the airy layout. New York shoebox what?

You have to go check out the full article to get the benefit of the interactive pages with more photos and info. The whole redesign was done for $4k (pretty cheap when you include the big pullout couch that cost $2k on its own) - though it seems like these newlyweds really benefited from some sweet hand-me-downs from their 'rents, plus a kick-as$ painting done by a friend that makes the area over the couch (see the last photo below).

Check out these amazing before, during and after pics:

The before wasn't so hideous until you take a look at what it would become. Yowza. Amazing.

This final photo shows the beautiful painting above the couch and how much better everything looks with the improved space plan and select updated pieces.

This just goes to show what having a professional interior designer can do. Boo, I want one.

Also, in what mecca does an apartment such as this - with huge windows, flawless wood floors, and what appears to be a good deal of space - exist in NYC? These "young newlyweds" must make bank! (Sorry, that was kind of crude to mention, but seriously!)

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  1. Totally!!!! Are those exposed beams in the ceiling? No friend of mine lives in an NYC apartment like this - unless they live in Queens or Inwood!