Hump day technical difficulties

I'm having some oh-so-fun, not-working-at-all-so-I-guess-I'll-just-use-it-as-a-very-expensive-coaster-instead issues with my laptop, so I need to sign off the interwebs for a few hours to try and get this worked out. Sorry for the delay in posts - I had some good ones that just needed to be finished up a bit, too! I promise once I get the computer issues worked out I'll be back with tons of fresh stuff. Thanks for your patience! Please come back later today (very optimistic...maybe come back tomorrow morning?).

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  1. hi,

    i hope the computer problems go away, never to return. i was pleasantly surprised by your quick reply, i had really only just commented. actually, i've spent the best part of this evening immersed in blogs, but i'm pretty sure i posted my say today. :D

    thanks for the nail polish info. i did read your blog all the way to the entry about it all, and since it IS a trend, it'll surely land on the shores of finland any day now... i'm not even much of a nail varnisher, haven't worn it in yars in fact. the idea of gray just seemed too hilarious to pass to me.

    unfortunately we don't have the shops you mentioned but who knows, if i need to show off, maybe i'll just mix up some foggy shade of acrylic paint and gloss it over. diy! a whole scale of grays would look terrific, from dark to light.