Ride in style (or "stiz-ile"?)

Good morning and TGIF! So I could not wait to post this one - it's too funny and a potential perfect gift for some of the younger folks in your life.

For those of you with a TomTom GPS navigation system in your car, get ready for a supafly ride. Snoop Dogg has lent his voice to VoiceSkins, so for $12.95 you can have Snoop read your driving directions rather than that snotty lady who's always telling you what to do.

Here's a sample:

I love that he says, "Bear leff. Yeah, just like that" - where'd the "t" go? I was almost expecting him to say, "turn right, shizzle ma nizzle" at some point, but I guess he kept it proper-like for the good folks at TomTom.

If you want Snoop as your navigator, or if you have a sibling or friend for whom Snoop would make a perfect gift, you can buy it here.

Thanks for the clutch heads-up on this, Dan!

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