At the heART of it all

I saw this photo on Dress Design Decor yesterday and it made me think about how an oversize print (whether a photograph or painting) makes such a big impact on a room. You like?:

Home of Fran├žois Halard

Here are some other set-ups where the oversized art really makes the room:

Photo found on Desire to Inspire, from Patrice Cowan Bevans

Photo from I Suwanee

Photo from Apartment Therapy

Photo by Marine Hugonnier & room by Steven Gambrel, as seen on Shelter

It's just a shame that art - especially big art - is so darn expensive. I guess this is where canvas on sale at Michael's and some DIY creativity really comes into play. I was particularly inspired by the art in this living room re-do from the NYT:

Photo by Fred R. Conrad for the NYT

The designer, Ron Marvin, painted the art over the couch himself using a blank canvas. I think that's totally doable! (Also check out the full article for more DIY and redesign ideas.)

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