Happy New Year's Eve!

Sofie Lawett via {frolic!}

Happy New Year's Eve, all! I am so looking forward to tonight and to ushering in 2010. I'm always surprised when NYE slyly sneaks up on me - "What, it's New Year's Eve already? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving?" - but always thankful to greet a fresh year. I don't usually do resolutions (I'd probably keep them for about 2.2 seconds), but I like the chance to start anew on 1/1. Also, the celebrating on 12/31 is pretty fun too. :)

So what are you up to tonight? Big parties out on the town? Intimate gatherings with friends at home? We're still up in the air (poor B is still a bit sick), so we're not sure if we're willing to brave the freezing cold to party it up in either Phila or downtown Annapolis, or if we'll just keep it mellow with friends closeby. I'm sure it'll be fun no matter what.

If you are celebrating in, here are some fun decorating ideas from La Diva herself, Martha. How easy would it be to throw all the clocks in your house on a mantel, or add stick-on letters (from an office supply store) onto glasses? Party decor, done.

From Martha Stewart

Well kiddos, here's wishing you an amazing New Year's Eve celebration! See you in 2010!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE those NYE pictures - maybe some year I will actually have a celebration and remember the clocks!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!