Lemon leaf garland of goodness

Buckle your desk seats, folks; this one almost knocked me out of my chair. I want Jordan Ferney's brain. This chick is brills. Look what she's done now:

What you see running down the middle of that gorgeous table is a handmade lemon leaf garland with oranges and lemons. Who needs crummy carnations that will probably die shortly after you buy them from the grocery when you can have this gorgeous garland? It's colorful, seasonal, and can you imagine how good it must smell? Probably so fresh and bright.

No need for cut flowers when you can use these easily attainable "ingredients":

Oh and did I mention that Jordan's instructions make a 14 foot garland for only $16? Yep, told you she was brilliant.

Here's the post about it on Jordan's site (Oh Happy Day!) and full instructions are here.

Now, GO. Get the instructions for thyself. I want to throw a party post-haste and do this, like, yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. "Brills?!" I now expect a fancy meal featuring this garland upon my return to Maryland at the end of this month!