Did you all check out Lonny magazine the first time I introduced it? If not, you really should go take a look. It's a free, online-only publication with so much home design goodness in there it's unbelievable. It also happens to be perfect for when you're pretending to work at work but not working (ahem). And, if you're an avid shopper (or just want to know where things came from), each issue has clickable links embedded in the web pages, so you can roll over the products/items shown in the photos and access the source straight from the mag.

And in case you need a further kick in the tuckus to go check out the newest issue (which came out Thursday), here's some eye candy from the recent release:

Also, I think I need these curtains in my living room (since these didn't go over so well):

All photos from Lonny magazine.

With that said shown, hope you check it out and hope you enjoy! (And let me know what you think...)

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