Squared away: a new stamp

Remember when I espoused my love for good stamps (they really are icing on the cake to a beautifully hand-written note!) and the round-up I did of my favorite stamps? Well things in the stamp department just got even sweeter.

The new 64-cent butterfly stamp - designed especially for square envelopes - was introduced in May and is available for sale online or in post offices.

I know this is the dorkiest thing ever, but I'm really excited to go out and get some of these stamps! I love square envelopes and always end up having to use two stamps to compensate, plus I think this butterfly design is really pretty. Kudos, USPS!

You can learn more about the stamp here or buy it for yourself here (or just go to a post office).
Originally spotted here.

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  1. Not to squash your flower, but considering the USPS is going down in flames, I'm surprised they bother to design and produce fancy stamps anymore.....