Monday morning music

Goooood morning! Did you have a good weekend? I wanted to share a quick song/video with you this hot Monday morning, so without further ado...

I came across PS22 chorus' rendition of Phoenix's Lisztomania on Mighty Girl the other day and totally fell in love with these talented elementary schoolers and their awesome teacher. How good is their version of Lisztomania? Take a look:

In case you can't see embedded YouTube videos, here's the link.

And in case you forgot what Lisztomania - when done by Phoenix - sounds like, here's the link to that too.

These kids are amazing - they even got to perform for Beyonce and Lady Gaga and have been on tv several times - not to mention that their videos have gotten over 10 million views on YouTube! Very impressive. Check out the PS22 Chorus blog here for more videos and songs.

And have a great Monday! (More posts to come throughout the day.)

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