Chocolate pudding cups

Oh my goodness, what a good idea. Chocolate pudding (and scads of fun toppings), housed in a "cup" made from chocolate. Yummm.

This doesn't seem terribly difficult to do, and you could either fancy them up for a grown-up dinner party with friends, or make them fun, messy and purely delicious with kids.

All you do is dip balloons in warmed chocolate...

Let them dry on a baking sheet (you can stick them in the fridge to speed it up)...

...Then *pop!* the balloons and the cups are ready:

Fill with gooey goodness...

...And enjoy!

I want to make these, like, yesterday. I'd fill mine with chocolate pudding, whipped cream (CoolWhip, not the real stuff [what? I like it better!]), oreo or brownie crumbles, and sprinkles on top (rainbow, not brown, of course!). Mmm mmm mmm. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

Thanks to Bakerella for the great photos and inspiration (check out the full blog post here for more pics and details). And let me know if you make these... (if so, I'll be over straight away!)


  1. Yum. DOnt I want to go home and do this NOW. Love it.

  2. Even *I* could make these. Amazing idea! I love easy things that look impressive!

  3. I love those balloon-cups! (: