(Un)tying the knot: easily organize your plugs & chargers

In case you don't already love me for my daily witty musings (ha ha), here's a tip that'll put me squarely in your favorites category. You can finally do away with that confusing pile of plugs under your desk, or always losing the one charger that you need for your [insert one of a million handheld technology devices here]. Here's a tip for easy cord organization using...(wait for it)...binder clips.

Design Mom showed this photo a while back and I couldn't believe how great slash easy the idea is. I already have a bunch of binder clips around the house (if not, I'm sure your office does ) and this looks like it would take about 2.4 seconds to set up.

In case you need step-by-step instructions (I hope not), here's the original source (but be forewarned, it's in German).

Et voila! Enjoy your newly organized plugs and chargers!

1 comment:

  1. What a fabulous idea! Love it! And there are pretty binder clips out there too !